they tell you to cut out
the toxic people in your life
but they don’t tell you
that your lifelong best friend
or your favorite person
or somebody that depends on you
they don’t tell you that
those people can become toxic
they tell you that
you have to fight for yourself
and if somebody treats you
like shit then they don’t care
but they never mention
that sometimes the fact that
other people have issues
makes them shitty friends
and sometimes they do care
sometimes they love you so much
but they’re still toxic
they’re still poisonous to you
nobody tells you that
sometimes to cut out
all of the toxic people
you have to cut off
all of the people you love
and i just can’t do that
if i abandon everybody
that makes me feel like shit
i would be so much
more alone that i already am
and nobody ever told me
that was a possibility
nobody ever mentioned how you could make me so angry and sad and lonely but still be my best friend in the whole world (m.g.t)
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friend please,
a mix by zoe deadvalley
i love you you make me happy every smile i make is bc of you these songs remind me of you so here’s to you
listen here 
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Alex Gaskarth | All Time Low
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All Time Low | Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)
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”I came in like a Taco Bell…..” 
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they’re not allowed to grow up
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Pierce The Veil - I’m Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket

oh no he looks so sad here
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imdreamingofwhatwecouldbe imwillingtogethere
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Chicken and Asparagus Pasta
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